IT Asset Management

IT asset management (information technology asset management, or ITAM) is a set of business practices that combines financial, inventory and contractual functions to optimize spending and support lifecycle management and strategic decision-making within the IT environment.

ITAM is about more than creating an asset inventory. It’s about continually using the captured asset data to maximize returns, minimize risk and drive increased business value. By avoiding unnecessary asset purchases and making the best use of current resources, IT asset managers can cut software licensing and support costs, eliminate waste and improve efficiency. ITAM also helps increase the companywide understanding of IT’s business value, improves communications and understanding between IT and other departments, enforces compliance with cybersecurity policies and regulatory requirements, improves productivity through technology support, and limits overhead costs of managing the IT environment.

OraclePro has an expertise in helping to manage the Software Licensing Compliance across multiple publishers to ensure corporate governance, minimize security risks, optimize product deployments and reduce total cost of ownership related to IT assets, OraclePro provides best practices and required tools to ensure achieving client objectives.