Retail and Distribution

Moving Modern Retail Forward
In recent years, many traditional retailers are struggling – while many online, direct to consumer and “fast” retailers are thriving. US online sales have surpassed $500 billion per year and account for roughly 2/3 of retail sales.
The power has shifted from the retailer to the consumer. Retailers are introducing new concepts, in-store technology and personalized retail experiences. Payment processing systems are also changing. Retailers that best adapt to these changes while maintaining customer loyalty will succeed.

How Can We Help

OraclePro helps retailers leverage data to establish better connections with customers. Capitalizing on your data allows you to access your consumer and transaction information to effectively tailor marketing messages and drive increased traffic.

We design and implement high performance solutions for centralized, de-centralized, and hybrid architectures to support store operations, ERP, analytics and POS systems. Our services help you leverage your data to manage product mix, merchandising and inventory – and our supply chain management solutions help minimize inventory costs, keep stores stocked and improve consumer-direct delivery. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, we can consolidate your data and IT infrastructure to reduce costs per transaction, scale systems, optimize your resources and improve reliability.