Hybrid Cloud

Oracle Hybrid Cloud Offers Location, Choice, and Control

Hybrid cloud and edge computing are transforming and expanding usage of the cloud. Requirements for data sovereignty, security, latency, and field deployability have prevented adoption of public cloud for many mission-critical applications. Oracle Cloud’s hybrid and edge offerings address customer requirements for specialized deployment, disconnected and intermittently-connected operation, low latency and high performance, as well as data locality and security.

All products require tradeoffs, but to date, cloud offerings have been unnecessarily constrained. An approach focusing on large hyperscale cloud regions providing a large number of services required great expense to build, with very limited locations. Smaller scale provided greater flexibility of location, but often required tethering to the public cloud to operate. Customers with the “wrong” mix of needs around data sovereignty, low-latency, broad use cases, or level of control were left on the sidelines.

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